dormakaba’s Keyscan Aurora access control system integrates with XPressEntry, an emergency evacuation and employee mustering solution utilizing handled badge readers from Telaeris. Together, the readers and software keep track of facility occupancy by monitoring existing access control software to verify that personnel and visitors are evacuated safely and accounted for during emergency situations.

“This integration with XPressEntry enhances our Keyscan Aurora access control system with handheld readers and emergency mustering,” said Scott McNulty, senior product manager, Electronic Access & Data. “Compatible handheld devices, powered by XPressEntry software authenticate user credentials or biometric data with a facility’s Keyscan Aurora database and allow validation of personnel names and photos.”

The XPressEntry Keyscan Aurora integrated interface features include:

•             roll call from onsite and remote locations;

•             live personnel status tracking communicated between all handheld devices;

•             offline activity recording when connectivity is lost;

•             notification of first responders for all personnel and visitors not accounted for;

•             technology for safety and emergency readiness;

•             and multiple badge reading capability.

The XPressEntry Keyscan Aurora integration is installed with Keyscan Aurora version 1.0.16, or higher, and Telaeris XPressEntry software.

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