Virtually every aspect of running a business has changed in 2020. In this new climate, systems integrators and managed service providers (MSPs) serving the security industry need to discover new ways to optimize their operations from every perspective in order to remain profitable.

One trending tactic is to be more than just a provider of goods and services. By developing an even greater level of expertise on all aspects of safety and security, integrators and MSPs can deliver more value to customers with every transaction. This incentivizes end users to seek their expertise for answers to questions, concerns and problems that require solutions, which can lead to sales.

Nowhere in the industry can you find more information and education about what your customers want and need than at Global Security Exchange Plus (GSX+) — the virtual execution of GSX taking place online Sept. 21-25. Just as other businesses have had to change in order to thrive, GSX+ has evolved into a fully virtual experience in order to continue to bring the newest and best technology, education and solutions to the security industry. This year, systems integrators and MSPs can leverage the vast volumes of information that will be available via GSX+ to help drive growth during these challenging times.

The robust roster of more than 100 industry-specific education sessions was specifically developed for organizations of all sizes across various verticals to find answers to their pressing problems. All Access registrants will have online access to these sessions through the end of the year. 

In the risk management subject area alone, there are 56 different sessions on a vast range of issues that are top of mind for your customers and prospects during a time when many organizations are facing unprecedented disruptions in their operations. Session subjects that address these issues include business continuity planning, crisis management, emergency preparedness and response, as well as organizational resilience. 

You can also hone your expertise on core topics in physical and operational security with 46 educational sessions on offer. From engineering and design, to fire and life safety, to perimeter protection and more, these presentations offer a refresher and an update on the subjects that are central to your business.

Attending these sessions will give integrators and MSPs new perspectives on how to improve service, enhance product offerings and rethink overall customer engagement strategies. Even more, by expanding their expertise on these and other important topics, integrators and MSPs can be a source of tremendous value to customers, rising above resellers to become a trusted advisor and consultant. This will in turn bring more prospective customers to integrators and MSPs, expanding their scope and potential for new business development.

The 37 sessions focused on leadership and managing within organizations are an excellent resource for integrators and MSPs to learn strategies for improving your own business acumen. Topics in this track include critical and analytical thinking, financial management and recruitment and retention.

Additional educational topics include national security sessions on subjects such as terrorism and energy security, and a track for information about security and digital transformation. The Game Changers series offers topical issues such as deepfake videos and election security, along with insights on leadership in a post-pandemic world. While some of this subject matter may seem to go beyond the specific range of offerings for conventional integrator and MSP business roadmaps, expanding their knowledge in emerging and trending categories will serve to broaden the value they can deliver to customers.

The GSX+ Marketplace is another highly useful resource for integrators and MSPs. Here, a wide range of potential partners and vendors for your organization will be demonstrating the new technologies and products that your customers are searching for. The new virtual platform for the conference gives providers an excellent stage to showcase their most important new features and capabilities to help your customers solve their most pressing problems. 

Add to all this the ability to meet new industry connections, network with peers and prospects and hear from renowned keynote speakers such as General Stanley McChrystal, the four-star general and former commander of U.S. and International forces in Afghanistan — and it becomes clear that attending GSX+ is a must for systems integrators and MSPs to make this year. For more information about GSX+, visit