In the summer of 2018, Premier Packaging was looking to implement an access control system to help secure their brand-new 320,000-square-foot facility in Louisville, Kentucky. After working closely on a recent project with Orion Networks, a trusted IT infrastructure provider, Premier Packaging relied on their recommendation to implement an access control solution from ISONAS.

With no access control system in place at any of their 14 locations and a combination of office workers, support staff, truck drivers and warehouse employees entering and existing the building daily, a process to control access was a necessity. A major challenge facing the new distribution center was truck drivers who came into the facility were not company employees. With on average 250 people coming in and out of the new facility in Kentucky daily, monitoring and tracking who those people were and if they belonged there was imperative. They were also looking for the flexibility to manage the locking and unlocking of doors remotely, rather than having to rely on physical keys.

“After comparing ISONAS to other access control systems out there, we knew that ISONAS was the right, flexible access control solution to meet Premier Packaging’s security needs,” states Brock Jamison, director of sales at Orion Networks.

The initial project consisted of 18 ISONAS RC-04 reader-controllers installed at the distribution center in Louisville. The RC-04 reader-controllers from ISONAS delivers advanced technical functionality with an easy installation process. In addition to the ISONAS hardware, the ISONAS Pure Access software was implemented to give the packaging company remote access capabilities. Pure Access is a cloud-based access control application that provides users the ability to manage their access control from anywhere at any time, on any device. 

With the ISONAS cloud-based platform, Premier Packaging has now required all Louisville employees to enter the building using their ID Badges to gain access.  If an employee is not in the database and verified, then access is denied. Future plans include rolling out the ISONAS access control solution to additional buildings and possibly integrating it with other security systems.