The LVR-1 line verification relay is useful on analog phone lines and extensions that do not have a method of monitoring the status of the idle phone lines. It monitors the voltage on an analog phone line. When that voltage goes below two volts for a programmable time, an on-board relay is activated. When the voltage of the phone line goes above two volts for the same programmable time, the relay is deactivated. Selectable times are 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds. By using a timer, the LVR-1 makes sure that the line is dead before actuating the relay. The LVR-1 is powered by an included 12-volt DC power adapter and has either a RJ-11 jack or a terminal block for connection to the phone line. An on-board two-pole relay with both NO and NC contacts is available. The phone line connection goes through an RJ-11 or terminal block, and a power connection goes through a 2.1 mm plug or terminal block.

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