The LC-6 Line concentrator eliminates the monthly charges for a dedicated line to each elevator. The LC-6 is designed to be used with the Viking 1600A series elevator phones. Up to six of these emergency phones can communicate with authorized personnel on three other phones within a building, or add a telephone line to allow communication outside the building. A call initiated by an emergency phone can dial internally, externally or both. Any other phones that are activated will be bridged with authorized personnel, thus fulfilling ASME A17.1 requirements. All telephone line inbound calls are answered by the LC-6. A touchtone command will route the call to any of the phone ports. If no command is detected within four seconds, the call will be routed to the last emergency phone that was used. Connections include a fire floor phone, a machine room phone and a lobby phone. An output is also provided for driving up to three Viking LM-24D displays to show status of all ports.

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