Model PB-3 is an emergency phone panic button designed to mount under a desk or countertop and provide a quick and reliable way to make a silent analog emergency call. The called party can silently monitor the situation or engage in two-way hands-free communication by entering a touchtone “#.” The PB-3 is designed to connect to any standard analog telephone line, analog phone system station or FXS port. All programming parameters, including phone numbers and location numbers, are stored in non-volatile memory. The unit is telephone line powered, requiring no batteries or external power, and is compatible with common central station monitoring equipment. The PB-3 dials up to five emergency numbers, as well as two central station numbers, and can be easily programmed from any touch tone phone. The panic button can be programmed to automatically deliver a digital announcement identifying the location of the emergency call, and an optional DTMF touch tone code may also be delivered. The red LED integrated into the push button will light, indicating that an emergency call is in progress.

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