DICE Corporation announced a rebranding initiative today.

The New DICE is part of the DICE Corporation’s multimillion dollar investment in new technologies, products and services that include IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, integrated audio and video and more. 

Going beyond basic security monitoring, these technologies that the company has developed will help command centers and integrators provide a whole new world of automated and smart services, which also means increased RMR and reduced operational time and resources. 

The New DICE embodies an organization that is reinventing itself but is still very committed to the security industry. The new identity builds upon the company’s history of innovation and quality, but also opens doors to the future.

“This extensive rebranding represents evolving changes and DICE is changing because the world around us is changing,” said Avi Lupo, co-president of DICE Corporation. “We are redefining who we are, driving change and helping to shape the future of the industry.”

As part of the rebranding initiative, DICE has developed several new event management platforms as well as products for integrated business operations, resiliency, telecom, video and mobile that offer the industry unified solutions to empower their businesses. 

For non-DICE customers, many of the solutions, including interactive video monitoring, disaster recovery, telecom, cybersecurity and cloud hosting can interface with any central station software.

Showcasing the New DICE is a completely redesigned website featuring a clean design, enhanced content and improved functionality. The updated website allows better communication with customers and showcases DICE Corporation’s solutions. Also new to the website are reorganized product categories, an industries section with additional resources, recommendations and case studies.

“The New DICE is a major milestone for the company as the IoT and video interactive market accelerates and opens a unique opportunity for the security industry to step into the future,” Lupo said.