The DICE Corporation recently announced that it would be rebranding itself as “The New DICE” as a part of the company’s future roadmap, kicking off a multi-million-dollar investment in new technologies, products and services. A press conference the company hosted last week provided more details on the initiative.

“The world is changing and there is a need for that change,” explained Avi Lupo, DICE co-president. “We are recalculating our way moving forward.”

Lupo said that while many perceive DICE as simply a software company for central stations, in reality, they are much more, also offering software solutions, telephony and telecom, video cloud solutions, and network and infrastructure. The desire to change this perception is a main motivator behind the rebrand. 

In the press conference, Lupo said DICE is the only company that offers software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service, bringing reliability, redundancy and scalability to customers. Three new solutions which the company hopes will push the company and the industry forward were discussed at the conference. 

The first solution, Matrix Interactive, integrates audio and video, AI, analytics and much more. It features a virtual doorman; virtual guard tours; new services with AI, machine learning and analytics; voice down features and device activation; embedded PBX; and real-time processing.

“This is a complete monitoring solution that enables any central station of any size,” Lupo said. “From the technology perspective, the system has the capability for operators to respond in real-time.”

The second solution, Matrix Lite, is an affordable entry-level alarm and interactive video monitoring platform. It features a limited version of AI, machine learning and analytics; entry-level virtual doorman functions; limited frequency virtual guard tour capabilities; the ability to produce custom scripts or workflows; the ability to receive and process signals from any device; and embedded PBX. 

Finally, Matrix Accounting is a full-service billing and accounting platform with the following features: embedded with Microsoft Dynamics 365; review, analyze and track key metrics; integrates with Matrix Service and Matrix Sales; shows product pricing, inventory and notes; incorporates quotes, proposals, contracts and more; interactive dashboards, graphs and analytics; and access data from any location, on any device. 

Lupo closed out the conference by declaring more changes are coming.

“Change before you have to,” Lupo said. “We are here to support the industry moving forward with a completely different mindset, and much larger managed services.”

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