The Simplex pushbutton lock series from dormakaba offers superior access control without the need for cables, software or batteries. While in the industry for many years, Simplex locks still eliminate the problems associated with issuing, handling, controlling and safeguarding keys and cards. Combinations can be changed quickly and easily by authorized individuals to provide maximum security after employees, managers, or visitors leave a designated area. Simplex 1000/L1000 series locks allow users to gain entry from the outside using a combination. They can exit by simply turning a knob/lever. The Simplex series is the best option for limiting access to sensitive or crowded areas in the institutional, residential and industrial sectors. It is ideal for locations with high people flow. The Simplex 5000 series is a fully mechanical lock that provides exterior access by combination, while allowing free egress. It is designed for simple and quick installation. The lock features a non-handed design that fits both left- or right-hand doors. Available in a wide range of configurations, this lock is ideal for quick-access locations such as employee entrances, storage areas, inventory rooms, and many others.

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