Wireless security system

The Burglar Stopper wire-free home protection system (STI-WS100SG2) is controlled by a smart panel, which receives information from wireless sensors placed in various locations throughout the protected area. If the panel detects a security breach, the indicator lights and audible alarms (120 dB+) are triggered. The STI-WS100SG2 system includes a smart panel, two door/window sensors, one PIR motion sensor and one key fob remote control. Quick and easy to install, it eliminates the mess and expense of running wires. With eight pre-set security zones and four operation modes (alarm/alert/home/standby), the system can be controlled by the smart panel or the included key fob remote control. The system has up to 490 ft. range (line of sight), an adjustable entry/exit delay between 10 and 60 sec. (arm mode only), and adjustable alarm duration between 1 and 6 min. (arm mode only). Features include a backup battery, low-battery notification and a full backup power supply.

Safety Technology International Inc.