The PL321/PLLW321T padlock has a ¼-in. diameter shackle; it offers a bevy of high security features and is available as a mechanical or electromechanical CLIQ padlock. ABLOY’s smallest CLIQ padlock, it is part of the Super Weatherproof series. Impervious to water or extreme temperatures, it is IP68 rated. The mechanical body offers a 5mm thick stainless steel shackle with lengths of 20mm or 50mm. As the shorter of the two, it stands 38mm tall with an 18mm horizontal clearance; the PLLW321T is 50mm tall, by 33mm and 19mm. A standard ABLOY PROTEC 2 mechanical key can be used to open it; the padlock is key retaining so users simply need to close the shackle in order to remove the key. A CLIQ key is an alternative solution to open the lock if the mechanical bitting is the same.