The ABLOY BEAT locking solution includes a novel digital key, a mobile app and an IP68-rated, weatherproof Bluetooth padlock. The solution is designed to boost operational efficiency while securing critical infrastructure, commercial institutions and industry sites. The keyless solution combines three main components: a digital key, a mobile application and a heavy-duty, Bluetooth padlock. All is managed with the visual ABLOY OS user interface. While securing property, it also offers customers improved operational efficiency and saves on fuel emissions. The solution is intended to be used in sectors such as telecom and data centers, transportation and logistics, utilities (water, electricity, gas) and mining. The digital BEAT key connects to the physical heavy-duty, Bluetooth padlock, designed to perform in harsh environments and remote areas. The padlock has an IP68 protection rating, a case-hardened steel body and LED indications for lock status. BEAT can be integrated with existing security workflow solutions in use, but it can also be implemented as a standalone locking solution with ABLOY OS.