Tyco Software House iSTAR Edge G2 provides effortless upgrades from existing edge controllers. It is OSDP compatible and supports embedded high assurance FICAM operation without additional third-party hardware, making it an ideal solution for both government and commercial users. The solution offers an optional PoE module that provides ample power for two doors, while also allowing the controller to leverage existing network infrastructure to reduce installation costs. Additionally, iSTAR Edge G2’s firmware provides users an advanced access control feature set, including OSDP and peer-to-peer clustering and allowing a local database of up to one million cardholders. Overall system reliability is increased with iSTAR Edge G2 by providing localized decision-making at each door. The controller offers a robust local cardholder database of more than one million personnel records and local alarm and event buffering in the event communication to the host is interrupted. iSTAR Edge G2 provides advanced hardware-based cybersecurity protection by utilizing trusted execution environment, a secure, isolated environment within its CPU that runs in parallel to the main Linux OS. 

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