Johnson Controls updated Metasys, the company’s building automation system that provides the foundation for fully optimized building management. Metasys’ intuitive design integrates HVAC and non-HVAC systems into one platform for maximum operator efficiency. The Metasys 12.0 release is designed for fast troubleshooting in the field, to maintain the latest IT security and networking standards and to reduce installation time and costs. It also provides Metasys users with older software a significant opportunity to upgrade their systems. The Metasys 12.0 release improves system security by following the new BACnet Secure Connect interoperability standard for current IT security protocols, helping to further secure communications among Metasys IP components. In addition, expanded FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliance, a U.S. government security standard, ensures Metasys meets current government standards. Metasys 12.0 introduces an expanded line of next generation equipment controllers with onboard displays and keypads, including a new remote-mountable display assembly, so customers and technicians can quickly troubleshoot and restore control while near mechanical equipment.

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