The IXM TITAN is a mask detection and face recognition designed to work even if a subject is wearing a mask. This addition is included in the upcoming release of IXM WEB and TITAN firmware version Mask detection enables IXM TITAN to recognize if a visitor or employee is wearing a mask or not, and to inform users without masks to put one on if masks are an entry requirement. Mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask work in conjunction with IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit to develop Invixium’s COVID-19 solution. The Enhancement Kit enables IXM TITAN to perform temperature screening at the inner canthus (tear duct) at a rate of 12 to 15 users per minute with +/- 0.9 deg. F accuracy. With temperature screening and now face recognition while wearing a mask, IXM TITAN is a seamless, touchless solution that enables businesses of all sizes to adhere to new guidelines and reopen as safely as possible. IXM WEB is a significant update with several exciting new features such as IXM Health, a new licensed feature that pairs with the enhancement kit to monitor the health of staff and visitors with temperature-based reporting tools; multiple access card assignment; noteworthy updates to IXM Link integrations; and customizable workflows for mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask events.

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