The IXM TFACE biometric solution provides the high security, convenience and functionality of face recognition and fingerprint authentication with mobile credentials at an affordable price. TFACE provides fast and accurate dual-biometric authentication by employing two SONY 8MP cameras (RGB and infrared) and a 500dpi optical fingerprint sensor. Designed for enterprise applications, TFACE accommodates up to 25,000 users for 1:N face recognition with the ability to authenticate in less than 1 second. TFACE is powered by a quad-core 2.2GHz processor and runs secure Android OS. TFACE features high-speed touchless face recognition and mask detection, mobile credentials (digital card and dynamic QR code), a 2.4-in. LCD touchscreen with highly durable Corning Gorilla Glass for tracking time or displaying notifications, customizable LEDs for panel feedback, liveness detection for anti-spoofing, two-way audio for intercom communications, an auto-on Time of Flight (ToF) sensor,  PoE+ for ease of installation, and expanded multimodal operation for up to four factors of authentication (face + fingerprint + digital or RFID card + PIN). 

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