Many industries have faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report by Calipsa, a cloud-based false alarm filtering platform, video monitoring centers are faring well.

The report found that 47 percent of respondents said the pandemic had stimulated business growth, with an average 33 percent increase in clients and a 30 percent revenue boost. Thirty seven percent of businesses reported no change in performance, while 16 percent said their operations declined.

The pandemic has also affected customer monitoring hours, with 58 percent responding that their hours have increased.

In terms of employment, respondents’ business grew by an average of 5 people. When asked if the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant change in staffing, 40 percent said their numbers hadn’t changed. Thirty nine percent said their staff has grown, while 21 percent reported a decrease in staff numbers. More than half said the biggest challenge to business growth was the pandemic; 24 percent said that hiring qualified staff was their greatest challenge in the pandemic.

Many monitoring stations have also social distanced, with 75 percent adopting remote work, with an average 32 percent working from home.

However, 63 percent businesses said they feel optimistic about the future of the control room.

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