Calipsa and Immix are bringing their AI Video Alarm Verification solution to central alarm monitoring stations in the Americas. The news follows the launch of the solution, known as AI Link in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Asia Pacific region (APAC) earlier this year. The integration, which will be available starting Sept. 1, will allow Immix customers to add Calipsa’s false alarm filtering technology to their cameras directly via the AI Link feature in Immix Central Station (CS) and Guard Force (GF).

The news that Immix will make this integration available to customers in the Americas is a significant development in the partnership between Immix, a global leader in central alarm monitoring station software, and Calipsa, a deep learning technology company who provide a market-leading solution for False Alarm Filtering. Following the launch of AI Link false alarm filtering to the Americas, the integration will be active for all central alarm monitoring stations globally.

Where previously set-up and management was required on both platforms to connect Immix and Calipsa, the new integration will allow for Calipsa’s false alarm filtering analytics to be added to cameras directly in Immix CS/GF - with a click of a button. Users no longer need to use both platforms to manage their cameras.

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