Biometric development company BioSec Group Ltd. has revealed that the integration of its LifePass authentication platform with Siemens’ SIPORT access control and time tracking system is currently underway. 

The SIPORT system provides an ideal solution locally for a single location or globally for numerous network branch offices in different time zones. BioSec’s LifePass solution brings the benefits of palm vein recognition into this system, ensuring an increased security level without compromising convenience. The palm vein recognition-based system provides further benefits compared to other biometric solutions, since it measures inner characteristics, the vein structure within the hand. As a result, the vein ID cannot be stolen, copied or reproduced, providing an outstanding level of security. 

The BioSec system measures the vein structure in 5,000,000 reference points in less than one second, ensuring ease of use and fast authentication time with the wave of the hand. In addition, it can also be contactless, securing the user’s environment and health at the same time. 

“With the integration of our LifePass biometric platform into Siemens’ SIPORT system, users can enjoy the benefits of both technologies in one solution,” said BioSec Group CEO Péter Györgydeák.

The integration of BioSec’s authentication solution and Siemens’ physical access control system will offer an add-on feature for any environment, without the need to replace existing infrastructures. Whether chosen for security or convenience reasons, users can enjoy both at the same time.