Suprema, a global provider of access control and biometrics, announced the successful integration of its biometric access control products with Genetec Security Center, a unified security platform that connects security systems, sensors, and data in a single interface.

Through this integration, users can pair Genetec Synergis — the access control system of Security Center — with Suprema access control devices, enabling verification of access credentials with fingerprints and facial recognition along with existing RFID cards and PIN numbers. Users can quickly register biometric data such as fingerprint and facial recognition records through either the Security Center software or Suprema’s BioStar 2 software, with all data being synchronized in real time and transmitted to a server. The integration is suitable for enterprise-level use, allowing up to 1,000 devices to be connected at once.

“Through this partnership, customers of both companies can more easily build and operate biometric-based security management systems,” said Suprema CEO Hanchul Kim. “We will strengthen our partnership to elevate our status as a global security leader.”

Francois Brouillet, product line manager, access control at Genetec Inc., added, “The integration of Security Center Synergis with Suprema’s biometric access control solutions simplifies the architecture, thereby enhancing the end user experience. This brings increased value to our joint customers and partners and further strengthens our long-standing relationship with Suprema.”

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