Hanwha Techwin America’s new high definition Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras feature AI-based object tracking, precise PTZ control, improved pre-set accuracy, adaptive IR illumination and enhanced cybersecurity. Designed for perimeter protection and large, open area applications such as airports, parking lots, industrial estates, stadiums and city centers, the new 2MP, 6MP and 4K Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras are able to capture forensic-level image quality at a distance of up to 650 ft. Featuring adaptive IR technology, which adjusts the power of the camera’s IR LEDs, they can match the level of zoom regardless of the lighting conditions. At the heart of the new cameras is Wisenet 7, Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary system on a chip, significantly enhancing the cameras’ cybersecurity credentials. An AI auto-tracking feature allows control room operators to efficiently monitor the movement of objects while remaining hands-free to control other cameras. With a right click of a mouse, operators can program a camera to lock onto and auto-track a specific object. It does so with the help of deep learning video analytics that detects and classifies people and vehicles. Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras, which have a pre-set accuracy of ±0.1 deg., are able to detect if they are not precisely aimed at the specified field of view and will move within one second to the correct position. Other key features include a built-in wiper, an extended tilt range of up to 110 deg., improvements in manual control PTZ functionality, a focus save function and a dome-free design.

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