OpenEye and have completed a joint integration to offer businesses more robust security and intelligence solutions. The cloud-to-cloud integration links OpenEye’s cloud-managed video platform, OpenEye Web Services (OWS), with’s cloud-based smart business security platform to provide users of both companies’ solutions with enhanced video verification capabilities and advanced real-time alert notifications. 

The integration automatically pushes sensor and event data from for Business systems to OWS so subscribers get actionable alerts, video verification of critical events and streamlined incident video search capabilities. Onsite OWS users can receive intrusion and access event alerts on-screen for active monitoring, while remote managers receive mobile push notifications. With OpenEye’s central station integrations, monitoring centers can provide critical visual and audio alarm verification services. 

“Our integration with continues the expansion of our partner ecosystem and gives our customers the ability to leverage the strengths of both platforms to provide users with the best security and intelligence solution possible,” says Rick Sheppard CEO and Founder of OpenEye. “Users can now marry our cloud video platform, and the actionable intelligence of OWS, with’s trusted intrusion and access control solutions through their choice of either company’s service portals.” for Business users have easy access to video from OpenEye’s video systems through this new integration — called OpenEye Cloud Connect — as well as camera recordings associated with access control, sensor and intrusion devices, directly on their for Business Activity Page. Events on the Activity Page include a link that opens the OWS Web Client in their browser to view video from linked cameras at the time an event occurred. for Business mobile users can select events with linked video that automatically opens the OpenEye mobile app showing the relevant video event. 

“Our teams have worked hard to integrate our platforms and enhance the value of our respective solutions for partners and end users,” said Jeff Bedell, chief strategy and innovation officer at “As the shift to video-surveillance-as-a-service grows stronger, both and OpenEye now are well positioned to meet the increasing needs of our customers. This is a significant step forward in the expansion of our commercial solutions.”

OpenEye is a subsidiary of, following an acquisition in 2019. For more information, go to