DMP’s wireless translator allows alarm companies to upgrade their customers’ existing wireless sensors without wasting a lot of time and money. The new 1100 wireless translator is designed to translate various one-way, low-frequency wireless transmitters. Specifically: DSC — 433 MHz; Interlogix — 319.5 MHz; Honeywell 5800 — 345 MHz; and 2GIG Series — 345 MHz. Any one of these systems can now be upgraded to DMP panels, receivers and software management tools. Also, the new translator is certified for commercial and residential smoke detection and is therefore compatible with life safety devices. And because it can learn in up to 128 zones, all of the system’s working transmitters will continue to send supervision and low battery messages to the panel. Users get the smart home features with automated actions, integrated cameras and video doorbell, all with the Virtual Keypad app and browser. With the 1100T, end users have online and app convenience and functionality plus DMP’s two-way wireless technology.