For commercial fire installations, DMP’s new CellComF-LTE-V is designed with the same platform as DMP’s DualCom universal communicator. The CellComF-LTE-V includes two sets of tip and ring terminals for easy installations. This new design meets the NFPA 72 standard for single communications technology. For instance, if the CellComF-LTE-V stops communicating, it’s designed to automatically disrupt voltage on the second tip and ring — that triggers the host panel to annunciate the trouble. The new CellCom series includes both fire and non-fire options — each one with built-in LTE cellular. This mean that when there’s an opportunity to upgrade non-DMP panels to LTE, you’ll be able to give customers a fully supervised sole path LTE alarm communication over Verizon’s LTE networks. As with earlier-generation products, the LTE communicators are designed to work with digital cellular service from SecureCom Wireless.