The PA-250 is powerful enough to drive up to 250 70V speakers or paging horns. The small 1U rack size chassis is possible because the PA-250 uses new amplifier technology that is three times more efficient than old designs competitors use, the company reported. High efficiency means much less heat dissipation, smaller size, higher reliability and lower cost. These 70V distributed audio paging systems have many other cost savings advantages such as being able to put more speakers on a wire run, having longer speaker wire runs, use of smaller gauge wire and being able to set the volume of each speaker independently. In addition to being able to connect to any type of analog telecom interface, such as paging port, trunk input, analog station, FXO and FXS, the PA-250 also includes a direct microphone input for paging. The Viking model PA-250-IP SIP/multicast paging amplifier provides up to 250 watts of loud paging for SIP based VoIP phone systems and can be used for standard SIP endpoint paging or multicast paging. The unit easily connects with a single CAT5/6 cable from your network switch. The PP-250 is a 250 Watt 70V paging power amplifier that can drive up to 250 70V speakers or paging horns (each speaker set to “1 Watt tap”).

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