The FXI-1A smart paging interface enables connectivity of today’s analog and VoIP phone systems to traditional paging amplifiers. The FXI-1A interfaces phone systems to paging systems in a variety of ways. Connections include: FXS station ports, FXO trunk ports and VOX paging ports. In addition to voice paging, the FXI-1A supports background music, loud ringing, and can enable a pre-page alert tone. Background music, white noise, sound masking or any other external audio source can be routed through the FXI-1A using the relay contacts. All paging and background audio is delivered from the FXI-1A to the paging amplifier via the 600 Ohm audio output. During an incoming page, the on-board relay will cut the background audio and trigger amplifiers for increased page intelligibility. Intelligent features on the FXI-1A enhance interoperability with existing paging systems.
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