IDIS America and Virtual Management Intelligence (VMI) are working together to deliver AI-supported remote surveillance services, including business operations monitoring, in sectors such as transportation, warehousing, Cannabis production, food processing, banking and finance.

In transportation, for example, IDIS video is being used by VMI to improve monitoring of 24-point vehicle safety checks which must be carried about by drivers to ensure compliance with Department of Transportation requirements. At high security locations such as banks, the company is helping to streamline and adhere to opening and closing protocols. And, in major industrial applications — from coffee roasting to food processing — its monitoring services are underpinning both safety and production line efficiency.

“These are applications where customers want video technology to focus on the wider wellbeing of their business operations, and to reduce their liabilities,” said San Kim, VMI’s operations director. “Security is still a key requirement but there is a growing realization that cameras can be used for so much more. VMI is using IDIS end-to-end video solutions, including IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) to deliver enterprise-level monitoring to more customers more affordably. IDLA’s automated detection tools — including line-cross, loitering and object detection — are taking pressure off VMI’s monitoring teams and helping them give users of all sizes access to the kind of customized 24/7 surveillance that was traditionally only available to large corporations with dedicated control room operations.”

“This is also helping users cut their insurance liabilities and reduce their litigation risks,” Kim adds. “Our clients can now contact any of our operators and say, ‘I had a slip in one of my lobbies. Can you back up the relevant cameras, upload the recordings to a particular folder on our FTP, send a link to the store manager and also include it on a report to our insurers as soon as possible?’”

The comparatively long operational life of IDIS video tech, its straightforward maintenance and upgrade paths, along with its ease of use for VMI’s customers, are also proving to be valuable in reducing the company’s troubleshooting workload. 

“Compared to alternative mix-and-match solutions that we’ve tried, the IDIS end-to-end, single supply model is more cost-effective to operate and maintain,” Kim said. However, he warns against the industry over-promising when it comes to the capabilities of deep learning analytics. “For the video sector as a whole, the challenge now is to focus on applicable solutions that work in real life. We’ve already proven that our deep learning engine is solid, we now need to look at how best to use the level of accuracy we’ve developed.”

“We are working closely with VMI to offer some of the best value video monitoring solutions available, not just for security purposes but for much wider business applications, as well,” said Jason Burrows, sales director, Western U.S., IDIS America. “Looking ahead, we see exciting opportunities for deep learning analytics to be closely customized to solve the specific problems of individual customers.”

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