Paxton’s combined video management and access control platform, Paxton10, now allows administrators to manage multiple sites, spanning cities, countries and even continents.   

One Paxton installer, Managing Director of Seen Services Bradley Lucas, said of Paxton10: “Due to its simple out of the box installation process, this is our go to access control solution. The system can be managed with ease from anywhere. Our engineers love using it, as do our clients.”

Paxton has been developing Paxton10 based on real-time feedback from installers and end users. This is to maximize the system’s future potential for expanding businesses with multiple sites, and public spaces such as campuses or healthcare facilities. 

By utilizing Paxton10 cloud services, it is possible for up to 100 sites to be managed by a single Paxton10 server. To connect the sites via the user friendly, web-based software, an activation code is used to simply identify a Paxton10 controller at the destination, and the system does the rest. The multi-site feature in Paxton10 can be set up in minutes with minimal technical knowledge. It does not need a VPN, or any additional infrastructure.

“The most impressive thing about multi-site is its pure simplicity,” said Paxton10 Senior Product Manager Thomas Faith. “Straightforward maintenance and setup have been our goal throughout its development. Networking and achieving connectivity between sites can be notoriously complicated as there is a myriad of technology to navigate. With multi-site, this is all in the background. What the installer or user sees is completely hassle-free as we really have made the usability intuitive and seamless.” 

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