Paxton10, Paxton’s most powerful system yet, will launch on February 1. Paxton10 combines next generation access control and video management on a single platform with free Bluetooth smart credentials (zero license fees), remote management functionality, license free software and, for the first time, Paxton10 cameras. 

The launch follows a period of in-depth research, development and engagement with installers.

Jonathan Lach, Paxton’s vice president of sales, said: “Paxton10 was designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, utilizing the latest technology to deliver powerful features, including the first ever cameras from Paxton. Anyone who has worked with Paxton knows we take feedback very seriously. It plays such an important part in product development and has helped shape Paxton10, our most powerful, most complete system to date.” 

Paxton released its first version of Paxton10 in the U.K. in Sept. 2015, when it was installed across a variety of different sites with different needs. 

“Since then we’ve been working closely with installers,” Lach said. “We’ve incorporated their feedback and I can say that what we’ve achieved exceeds the original vision of Paxton10, and a lot more. We’ll be offering our U.S. customers something they’ve never seen before.”

Other changes made as a result of customer feedback include compatibility with Paxton’s key systems — PaxLock Pro, wireless door handles and Entry, a video intercom solution.

“Our installers have told us they’re very excited about the direction we are going with Paxton10, particularly with the new technology,” Lach said. “And people really understand the need for a unified platform in the mid-market.”

This need is based on statistics that show access control and video make up two-thirds of the security market — but only one in 10 sites integrate the two systems. 

“People are becoming more demanding of their technology,” Lach said. “They want a single point of management, rather than disparate systems, and they want to view and manage things on a handheld device.

“New technology allows us to achieve these things but, as a manufacturer, we have a responsibility to make our technology as accessible and as simple as possible. We’re incredibly excited about the launch of Paxton10 in the U.S. and can’t wait to show customers what we’ve been working on.”

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