The newly updated ELAN 8.6 Software brings native Z-Wave Plus support to all ELAN EL-SC system controllers, including new models announced today and detailed below. Easy discovery and installation of all Z-Wave devices can be accomplished via ELAN Viewer app on mobile devices. Major enhancements include Alexa International capability, Lutron QSX integration and more. Auto-generated lighting and shades pages can be grouped with ease. New viewer-based scene editor allows for users to customize scenes. In addition to lighting enhancements, the software enables mobile export of surveillance video clips from ELAN NVR on iOS and Android smart devices. The family of ELAN hardware includes several options, is IP-enabled for integration and can expand via external I/O options and software licenses. Leading with the new flagship ELAN EL-SC-300-ZW system controller, large to massive projects are easily addressed. The controller provides flexibility for a home and system of almost any size. The ELAN EL-IO-200 IO extender extends control to additional media and smart-home devices not placed near the main controller. Paired with an EL-SC-100-ZW, EL-SC-300-ZW, or a gSC series controller it can enable systems to expand to meet growing needs. Sized for easy installation, this extender can fit in the smallest spaces. The ELAN EL-SC-200-ZW bundles the new EL-SC-100-ZW system controller with the EL-IO-200 control extender and ties it all together with an EL-SW-100-PRO license.