Genetec’s unified security platform, Security Center, allows more system components to run in the cloud, reducing the gap between cloud and on-premises security systems. It also makes it easier to connect external systems and tap external data for use in dashboards, maps and investigations without relying on complex, specialized integrations. The new version brings enterprise video surveillance customers new options to facilitate their migration to the cloud as well as support flexible hybrid-cloud architectures. Enterprise Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service, the new version of Security Center Omnicast — the video management system of Security Center — enables the seamless use of tiered cloud and on-premises storage to manage short- and long-term video archives according to customer needs. It gives configuration flexibility and reporting capability, and supports various scenarios for real-time or on-demand access to video footage stored in the cloud. Depending on its recency and criticality, video can be stored either in high performance storage for fast access or in long-term storage to support flexible cost options, as well as data compliancy. To ensure maximum security, ingested video blocks are encrypted on-premises and then moved to the cloud using encrypted communications channels. Sipelia communications management, the module of Security Center that enables SIP-based communications between operators and intercom devices, has also been enhanced to offer support for cloud-based deployment.

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