The Videoloft cloud adapter allows users to watch their camera live feeds on a local display. live video feeds can be watched on a monitor over the local network with no latency and using almost no bandwidth. The adapter has secure offsite storage for high resolution video. It records up to 8MP video straight to the cloud. Users can watch live and recorded video remotely via the Videoloft mobile app or webviewer and connect a monitor to view live streams on a local display. If Internet connection drops, up to seven days of video can be locally stored on the Videoloft cloud adapter. Video is automatically uploaded to the cloud when the network is restored. Users can easily view cameras from multiple locations in one place and give access to others. There is no charge for additional users, and no limits on simultaneous users. The adapter, the small bridging device that connects compatible CCTV systems to the platform, instantly upgrades legacy security systems adding all of the above features and more. It is available in an eight- or 16-channel version, and there is a 64 channel, 19-in., rack-mounted solution for larger installations. 

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