The National Training Center (NTC), a prominent source of on-location and virtual classroom training and training materials in the various low-voltage disciplines, is offering a quick flash sale of its renown Low Voltage Library.  

“NTC professional references represent decades of industry best practices,” said Charles Aulner, NTC president. “It's what low-voltage contractors need to stay ahead of the technology and various codes. Access to professional references definitely improves technician performance and assures that, at the end of the day, the job is done right and to code the first time.”

NTC's Low Voltage Library consists of the following eight books:

  • Red Book | Fire Alarm Certification Guide: The NTC Red Book is specifically designed for those studying for NICET Certification in fire alarm systems.  
  • Orange Book | Fire Codes at a Glance: NTC's Orange Book covers code requirements for fire alarm systems, life safety and electrical with respect to NFPA 72, 70 and 101; including IBC fire alarm system code requirements. 
  • Blue Book | Low Voltage Systems: The NTC Blue Book is the authority on low voltage systems, providing important information on a wide variety of modern electronic systems. 
  • Yellow Book | Video Security Systems: The NTC Yellow Book takes the mystery out of video security and system design.
  • Brown Book | Fire Alarm Systems Handbook: The NTC Brown Book covers the planning, documentation, contracts, design and installation of fire alarm systems.
  • Purple Book | Access Control Systems Handbook: The NTC Purple Book covers access control systems. It includes biometrics; networking; Means of Egress code requirements; locking hardware; readers, cards, badging and integration with other systems. 
  • Fire Alarm Field Notes: This pocket sized (5 x 7 inches) book contains critical information about common fire alarm components and the code requirements for their installation. 
  • Low Voltage Pocket Guide: This pocket-sized (5 x 7 inches) book contains critical information about common low-voltage system components, guiding you in selection and application. 

The sale begins July 14 and ends July 16. For more information, visit NTC's Low Voltage Library page.