The Linear BT135-W access control reader and Linear BT125-W access control reader integrate Bluetooth BLE technologies providing users intelligent, contactless and secure access control in a slim design that fits seamlessly into any office or building environment. Furthermore, the new Linear readers provide dealers and end-users several options to customize access control in a secured way. Users are able to pair the Linear BT135-W reader with the new Linear 13.56 MHz smart cards and key fobs for premium security. With 13.56 MHz information extremely difficult to clone, these new readers provide a strong security solution for additional user peace of mind. Plus, the Linear BT125-W access control reader offers backward compatibility with current Linear 125 kHz prox cards and key fobs. By combining these solutions with the new Linear access control mobile app, users get the added convenience of touchless entry, and the flexibility to have both physical and mobile credentials. All Linear Bluetooth access control readers include a digital BLE range-setting card. This card gives installers the ability to toggle the reader’s Bluetooth read-range between five different modes: Tap-and-Go, short (up to 2 inches), medium (up to 10 inches), long (up to 15 feet), and max (up to 30 feet).

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