The Alcatraz AI Rock solution now has capabilities that can detect and prevent tailgating at entrances and in a variety of industries. Tailgating is one of the most common and innocent security breaches — an employee opening a door and holding it open, sometimes inadvertently, for a colleague, visitor or vendor who should not have access. The AI Rock solution delivers a frictionless, facial authentication access control solution that mitigates tailgating. It detects tailgating by identifying, in real-time, an individual as he/she approaches an entrance and identifies whether the individual has been authenticated. If an unauthorized user follows an authenticated user through a door, the solution will identify that user as a tailgater, and an alert is sent and logged into the access control system, along with a still picture of the unauthorized person. The solution can be configured to send an alert to the access control system in the form of a unique credential that can only give access to authorized users. In this way, it can provide data on tailgating hotspots, and ultimately, modify physical security and access control, and adjust employee behavior.

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