Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, announces an anti-tailgating and mantrap AI analytic for turnstiles that prevents tailgating at entrance points. The solution incorporates AI algorithms to detect the number of individuals entering a turnstile lane or mantrap and grants access only if no more than one individual is detected. ZKTeco, provider of multi-factor authentication (MFA) touchless biometric technology, developed this analytic using Lumeo’s video analytics platform.  

Tailgating is a common security breach which occurs when an unauthorized person gains access through a turnstile or door by walking closely behind an authorized person and sneaking in behind them. In most cases, even if the “breach” is harmless, the authorized person is freely cooperating with the unauthorized person. This violates security protocols and puts the business at substantial risk should any resulting improprieties occur.

While most vendors address tailgating by providing monitoring cameras and resulting alert notification, ZKTeco’s solution prevents tailgating from occurring in the first place. This AI-based solution not only authenticates the visitor wishing to pass through the turnstile or door, but also recognizes the presence of more than one person using cameras.  If multiple people are detected attempting access, this overrides the turnstile’s locking mechanism, notifies security personnel, and prevents further access, even to authorized personnel.  

“Preventing tailgating is a major challenge for access control equipment manufacturers and security professionals,” said ZKTeco USA President Manish Dalal. “ZKTeco has created a unique integrated solution which actually prevents tailgating, as opposed to merely just generating alarms. In doing so, time to market was critical for ZKTeco, and Lumeo’s ‘no-code’ building-block approach to video AI and analytics, and high-accuracy ready-to-use AI models enabled ZKTeco to design an effective security solution in record time. Lumeo’s platform also made it easy to integrate with our access control systems and deploy to existing ZKTeco turnstiles.”

Another key feature developed by ZKTeco is creating stronger mantraps for customers who require heightened security such as banks, research labs, post offices, airports, healthcare facilities and data centers. A mantrap is an access control system that consists of a small space (vestibule) and two interlocking access points (doors). The vestibule’s “entry door” must close before the vestibule “exit door” can be opened. This in effect “traps the man” inside the vestibule until the “entry door” is closed.  

ZKTeco’s mantrap can also be programmed to prevent more than one person at a time from passing through it; the moment Lumeo’s advanced video analytics detects more than one person is in the vestibule, it can override the ZKTeco access control system and keep the vestibule’s exit door locked shut. The exit door is programmed to release only when the entry door is closed, and AI detects one person present inside the mantrap.

“ZKTeco turned to Lumeo, given their reputation for quick development and deployment of custom AI analytics,” Dalal said. “The proper access control hardware, combined with cutting-edge AI analytics that are easy to deploy can go a long way to solving the tailgating challenge. A multi-faceted approach is essential to protecting people, property, and assets.”

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