Alvarado MST-TE touch-free full height turnstile provides smooth, secure and completely contactless passage for users. It is 100 percent touch-free and motorized. After users present a valid entry credential, the turnstile unlocks, and an overhead sensor detects the user as they enter. Rotation begins and completes automatically, eliminating the need for users to touch and push their way through the turnstile as they enter or exit. It is used for hygienic, high security entry control in corporate, industrial, critical infrastructure, government, and military installations. Specific applications include employee and visitor touch-free access control, perimeter and fence line security, unattended entry points, time and attendance integration and one-way exit control. Recent pandemic related applications include essential manufacturing and distribution facilities replacing or retrofitting existing turnstiles with the MST-TE for secure, touch-free staff entry and exit.

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