The new Key Care Cabinet allows users to not only organize their access keys, but to control them as well. A key feature that differentiates the MedixSafe Key Care Cabinet from low-end key cabinets is that it enables more secure access. Because a single PIN can be compromised easily, dual, triple or biometric authentication credentials are required before access to the Key Care Cabinet is granted. It accommodates over 1,000 individual users and provides an audit trail history of up to 50,000 events. The Key Care Cabinet is accessible via a remote Ethernet network and also has a manual key override. This ensures that the cabinet can still be accessed via a single key in the event of an electronic failure. Key tags for the Key Care Cabinet have an extra-large snap-open window and each tag holds multiple keys. A new label can be exchanged on Key Care Cabinet without removing a key and key tags face out for easy identification. The Key Care Cabinet is specifically designed to serve the mid-level market.

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