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2020 has come and gone and while we still have a ways to go in the post pandemic road to recovery, the economic outlook for 2021 and beyond is showing signs of turning the corner. In February, Brivo and SDM surveyed security integrators to get their perspective on trends shaping their business outlook going forward.

The survey results highlighted that the future looks bright for security integrators. The majority of the respondents said they expect their business to increase in 2021. Cloud access control is in demand and is offered by 80% of resellers which allows for limitless growth, customization, and offers a more high-tech and elevated future for the security industry.  COVID has created opportunities for security integrators to grow their business while helping customers with new technology solutions to help them meet security and health-safety needs as they prepare to re-open their facilities. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How your peers are adapting their business for a post-COVID environment
  • What technologies security integrators are seeing more demand for from customers as a result of COVID
  • Top security modernization trends integrators are seeing and implementing for their customers.