ProdataKey (PDK) enhanced its Pdk io software interface with Map View. The Map View feature allows users to upload custom maps and arrange device icons onto floorplans, making it possible to view and control each door’s status while looking at the full system layout on their phone, tablet or laptop. Multiple maps can be created for a single location, representing buildings, rooms, floors or other areas. By linking maps together, users may easily navigate from one to the next, mimicking how they would physically travel through the site. JPEG or PNG images may be used for map images. Once a map is created and named, icons are easily dragged into location. Map View makes site monitoring more convenient and intuitive, as door and system status for large areas can be quickly ascertained in a single view. When security personnel are automatically alerted to an open door, they can quickly see whether all other doors nearby are in a proper state. If not, doors can be locked individually, or as a group, via the Map View interface. Partitions may be set for specific maps within a site, allowing only certain people to view and manage doors and devices within those areas.

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