Access Management System 3.0 is designed to be available at all times. Its resilient design includes a master access controller (MAC) as an additional layer of defense between the server and the access controllers. If the server fails, the MAC takes over, ensuring continuous communication across controllers while sharing necessary information from the card readers. Also, access control functionalities that involve multiple access readers, such as anti-passback and guard tour, can continue to perform. The anti-passback functionality prevents a cardholder from passing a card to another person, enabling an unauthorized entry. Guard tour is a safety functionality offered to security guards, which uses access readers as checkpoints along a defined route at specified times. Any deviation of sequence or timing causes an alarm in the access management system. Immediate notifications to colleagues or first responders increase the safety of security guards. The solution offers up to 15 configurable threat levels such as lockdown, controlled lockdown or evacuation. The threat level state is activated by one of three triggers: operator workstation, external contact such as an emergency button, or specially configured “emergency” cards that are presented to a reader. Users can start small and add extra capacity whenever necessary. No hardware needs replacing when expanding; users only require software upgrades and possibly additional controllers, readers and cards.

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