Group337, focused on providing the companies, brands and people in the security industry with insights, announced the completion of a new industry report, titled “Securing the Supply Chain.” The report, completed in collaboration with BoxLock, examines the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for access control technology within the supply chain.

“The secure movement of goods and services has never been more important or complex,” said Brad Ruffkess, CEO of BoxLock.  “Our customers have made it clear that controlling access to their supply chain has become one of their biggest challenges. This report further validates the opportunity for access control technology, and the value real-time visibility and reliable chain of custody tracking can deliver across all facets of the supply chain.”

The report, releasing later this month, details findings on the market and the opportunity for access control in logistics. The results focus on five key segments in the supply chain industry: automotive logistics; aviation MRO; healthcare logistics; specimen logistics and storage and warehouses. Furthermore, it examines why securing the supply chain is essential regarding financial loss, risk, and liability and how access control solutions help solve these problems through accountability, efficiency and peace of mind.

“We're thrilled to bring further data and insights to the access control industry,” said Jonathon Harris, vice president of Group337. “Since the release of the Access Control Index last year, we've spent time digging into specific target segments, and we're excited to present the findings from our research showing how access control intersects with supply chain management. We hope this information aids access control business leaders in making more data-driven decisions.”

To learn more about Securing the Supply Chain findings, please attend a webinar on August 19, 2021. Details can be found here