The Kampr Systems K9i takes the place of a standard wall mounted card reader and uses 3D facial recognition technology to determine if an individual has authorization to enter the portal. The only interaction required with the K9i is to face the door directly as you approach; the K9i recognizes your digital image within 4-6 ft. of the door, and access is granted immediately if you have an authorized profile. In addition to rapidly processing the digital images of authorized profiles, the K9i will recognize up to three authorized individuals while on approach to the door and all will be logged in to the access control system with access granted. If an unauthorized individual enters the field of view of the K9i along with those that are authorized, access will be denied, and that event will be logged as a tailgating incident prevented. The K9i family of products seamlessly integrates with most access control manufacturers in the form of OSDP, Weigand or RIO communications. The K9i is certified by Genetec to integrate with Synergis.

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