Entry is a video intercom system that can be installed standalone or on an efficiently scalable, networked system. The complete Entry video intercom system is made up of just three components: a door controller, external panel and interior monitor. This plug-and-play system allows users to grant access and make informed decisions through visual identification when someone is requesting to enter their building. Entry can be installed as a standalone system and is an ideal option for sites where a simple, flexible intercom is needed. It is scalable up to 100 panels and 1,000 monitors, making it suitable for a variety of environments. Entry gives users hardware options, with an extensive selection of entry panels and internal monitors. Its SIP compatibility allows users to integrate their smartphones, tablets or PCs to answer calls from the panel. The Entry hardware offers easy interaction with visitors as it enables high quality voice or video calls from panel to monitor. Entry components are auto-detected on setup. Paxton offers unlimited installation support and provides free product training for new and existing installers. 

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