The Rave Platform experience centralizes critical response and collaboration functions in a single unified interface to streamline communication, coordination and task management during time-critical events. It enables those tasked with protecting their communities to address the challenges of critical communications, incident collaboration, safety and protection and 911 response holistically. The enhancements deliver an easy-to-use, powerful platform for critical communication and collaboration including: an intuitive, unified interface for an enriched user experience; multi-modal critical communications for engaging with residents, students and employees; powerful situational awareness and incident collaboration tools; data sharing and two-way communications for improved 911 response; and personal safety applications for immediate response, increased engagement and confidential tip sharing. The platform’s intuitive user interface addresses the need to unite the critical response and collaboration experience under one customizable, user-friendly umbrella. The platform eliminates the need for separate interfaces for different solutions and improves the visibility of capabilities across Rave’s critical communication and collaboration tools.

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