ASIS booth 2313 featured some new product launches from Honeywell. The company launched Badge Manager 2.0, which is a component of the fully integrated Honeywell Vindicator Security Solutions suite and is compatible with the V5 Access Control System (ACS). The V5 ACS is an embedded server that enables access control to mission critical facilities on an enterprise-wide scale while providing capabilities such as biometrics, smart-card credentials, and FIPS-compliant readers.
Badge Manager 2.0 expands the existing capabilities of badge template design, photo badge creation and management, and it synchronizes with the V5 ACS database. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface that creates, configures and assigns access control entry rules to personnel and locations, including schedules of operation for those credentials. Additionally, it allows the designation of a visitor’s status and assignment to an existing badgeholder as an escort. It also provides administrators with a clear, quick view of their system, enabling more efficient system management and administration.
The newn system offers Vindicator customers a graphical user interface for the configuration and assignment of locations and personnel in the existing Vindicator photo badging platform. Its primary intent is to significantly reduce the time system administrators spend managing their access control systems.