Boon Edam Tomsed Inc. is the exclusive optical turnstile sponsor for the ISC East security trade show in New York City, September 11 - 12.
Boon Edam Tomsed’s Speedlane 2048 pedestrian security lanes will be displayed at the main entrance to the show floor at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Providing high security in a stylish, low-profile unit, the Speedlane 2048 features:
• 48-beam matrix detection technology by PathMinder;
• quarter-inch tailgate detection;
• beams at three heights to prevent crawl-through;
• discerns carried objects, wheelchairs, guide dogs and more, ensuring negligible false alarm rate; and
• effortlessly handles 35 people per minute.
Boon Edam Tomsed offers barrier and barrier-free pedestrian security lanes with security levels ranging from low to maximum security. The company’s comprehensive product range includes manual and automatic revolving doors, security doors and portals, waist-high and full-height turnstiles, pedestrian security lanes, and high-impact vehicle barriers.
For more information on any of these products, please visit Boon Edam Tomsed at ISC East booth number 1124, or visit