Over the years, the evolution of alarm monitoring software has been fast and fascinating. In the 1980s if you wanted central station monitoring software it was installed, on location, by the vendor.
Presenting a new delivery concept, Security Information Systems Inc. (SIS) introduced mailing self-installing programs on floppy disks worldwide.
Moving forward 20 years, SIS now has more than 5,000 central station customers in 99 countries, and is commonly known by its slogan “We Monitor the World.” The Alarm Center monitoring software is very popular with many central stations, government agencies, colleges and universities, and Fortune 500 companies, the company says. Their software installations and technical services are now provided instantaneously by experienced in-house SIS technicians via high-speed Internet connectivity.
Popular features of the current SIS Alarm Center monitoring software suite include Internet Web 2.0 operability, SMS cell phone reporting, accounting and service scheduling, encrypted database synchronization via Internet, and extensive third-party DVR and digital/IP alarm receiver support.
SIS marketing director Greg Gilbert commented, “Twenty years of software evolution has produced many exciting, tried, and proven features for our customers.”
SIS international headquarters and training center is located in Orlando, Fla. Additional information is available at www.securitysoftware.com