Were you satisfied with the outcome of last night's Super Bowl game? I love both cities--Boston and New York--and their people so I found it hard to favor either the Giants or the Patriots. However, I did choose one team for purposes of betting, but lost to my husband and now must pay for Sunday brunch the next time we go out!
(What was your favorite commercial? Mine was the screaming squirrel, and his forest friends, before nearly becoming road kill!)
After the game, I returned to my computer to finish up some weekend work, and the following news hit my mailbox within minutes of the Super Bowl trophy being presented. It's exciting to know that companies that are working closely with installers such as SDM's subscribers are involved in these high-profile security projects. Here's the news from Firetide:
The Phoenix Police Department is watching over the safety of more than 200,000 spectators, citizens, dignitaries and U.S. officials who are visiting downtown Phoenix during the weekend of Super Bowl XLII by using a wireless video surveillance system. The Phoenix Police Department set up an ultra-fast and secure wireless network provided by Firetide Inc. The system transports evidence-grade video from cameras in alleys, the middle of the street, and other hard-to-reach places to two operation centers. Even with fewer “boots on the ground,” the police department is able to decrease traffic congestion and reduce the risk of incident escalations.
“Our Firetide wireless video surveillance system considerably increases the Phoenix Police Department’s situational awareness, response time, and ability to protect the public,” said Chris Jensen, a detective in the city’s Drug Enforcement Bureau. “Before we had this system, an incident around the corner could easily escalate into a larger problem before it was even detected. With 360-degree cameras, trained operators are able see incidents as they occur. Our Firetide video network acts as a force multiplier.”
The department has installed nearly 40 video surveillance cameras in and around downtown Phoenix. Forty Firetide mesh nodes wirelessly connect the cameras to operations centers where state, local and federal public safety agencies work together. Specially trained agents monitor the real-time video streams and coordinate responses. The police department uses Firetide’s top-of-the-line HotPort 6000 mesh nodes together with the company’s HotView Pro management software to control the network. Avrio Group, a Firetide premier partner and supplier of IP-based surveillance solutions, designed the network and collaborated with the police department’s technical personnel on the installation.
The Phoenix Police Department has used a Firetide wireless video surveillance network since the summer of 2006 to support covert operations during a serial crime spree and has used it in numerous other investigations. Preparing for Super Bowl XLII, police officers surveyed locations where cameras were to be installed, needing only a power source and a Firetide mesh node to transmit the live video feed above the hundreds of thousands of anticipated city guests. The installation was done in a matter of weeks.
The Phoenix Police Department will continue to use the equipment, including the mesh nodes and cameras, for investigations and video surveillance of the Phoenix area.
For information, visit Firetide at www.firetide.com.