Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Hangzhou, China, a supplier of digital video surveillance products, was awarded for its contribution to securing the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The award was presented by Yangshanqiao Olympics Security Center in an award ceremony held to reward six enterprises that made great efforts to guarantee the security of the 2008 Olympic Games. Hikvision is the only manufacturer among the six.


On behalf of Hikvision, Changyang Cai, general manger of the Hikvision Beijing branch, received the award from lijing Xu, deputy minister of Olympics Security Center.


“Thanks to Hikvision’s high quality and reliable surveillance products, as well as its professional technical support, Olympic Games has achieved complete success in creating an absolute secured environment,” said lijing Xu, deputy security commander for the Olympics. “We are convinced that Hikvision’s products have the capability not only to secure Olympics 2008, but also to satisfy the highest security requirements for other worldwide topnotch events, such as Expo 2010, the Asian Games and even the 2012 Olympics in London.

“Hikvision is honored to provide a secured environment for those involved in all aspects of the games,” said Changyang Cai. “This award has given us the motivation to develop more reliable products for the surveillance industry, and to further strive for becoming the first choice for security professionals in the digital surveillance industry.”


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